Thursday, February 07, 2008


Last Friday evening was so lovely. L had gotten me tickets to the Washington Ballet for Christmas, and we bookended the performance with drinks and dinner in the city. Everything was a feast. The ballet was performed in the new Harman Center for the Arts, which is such an intimate theater, and our seats were so close we could see every movement and effort. The performance, aptly named Genius, included pieces by three composers--Mark Morris (such a fun piece, and you could really see the dancers playing with the music), Christopher Wheeldon (a deeply emotional piece set to French and German burlesque, Bertolt Brecht lyrics), and Twyla Tharp (just gorgeous--9 dances set to Frank Sinatra, with costuming by Oscar de la Renta--wow). The music for all by the Sinatra pieces was performed live on stage. I loved every minute of it! Afterwards, I introduced L to the Greek goodness that is Zaytinia. It was the kind of evening that reminds me how nice it is to live so near the city and work right in the middle of it. Thanks, L--it was a wonderful gift!

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Sandra Dena said...

So Did you photoshop the dancers face? It kind looks like L.